Complex Dental Extractions in Hemel Hempstead

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Dr Saagar Ruparelia

Dr Saagar Ruparelia is our resident dentist with a special interest in oral surgery.

Removing or extracting teeth

Extractions, or removing a tooth, is sometimes a necessary step when the tooth is diseased or when it is negatively impacting surrounding teeth. At Leverstock Green Dental Practice, we have highly qualified oral surgeons who can skilfully and painlessly extract problem teeth as a first step towards restoring your oral health.

Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are often problematic, as they often come in sideways, which is termed ‘impacted’. In these situations, they can promote infection as well as encourage crowding, which can cause orthodontic difficulties.

Other reasons for tooth extractions

In certain other cases, teeth may need to be extracted, for example if they are badly cracked or if disease has gone too far for root canal treatment to be effective. Our oral surgeons are highly-skilled at performing even the most complex extractions with precision, in order to minimise the impact on surrounding teeth and gums and on your mouth as a whole.

Oral surgery FAQs

Yes, although you won’t feel any pain, as it will be done with a local anaesthetic. If it’s a particularly complex case, or if you’re very anxious, we can offer conscious sedation, which helps you relax into a dreamlike state.

This depends very much on the extent of your surgery. Routine extractions normally do not require stitches, however more complex procedures might.

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