Dental Care for Kids in Hemel Hempstead

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Paediatric dental care

Establishing a good oral health routine for your children is essential in order to give them the gift of good dental health for life. At Leverstock Green Dental Practice, we would like to help your children understand the importance of dental care, and feel comfortable coming into our surgery for regular check-ups.

Educating children about good oral hygiene habits

In addition to helping children learn about dental health, we offer treatments to protect their growing teeth. These include fluoride treatments, to boost the amount of fluoride coming into direct contact with their teeth, and fissure sealants, which are like a plastic coating applied to teeth to prevent decay. We can also provide a bite analysis, if you have concerns about how their teeth are coming in, as a way of determining whether or not orthodontic treatment might be required.

Throughout everything we do, we are mindful of creating a welcoming atmosphere for children to feel happy to come and see the dentist. We’re a very friendly team, many of whom have children of our own, and we look forward to meeting yours and getting them enthused about good oral hygiene.

Paediatric Dentistry FAQs

Children should visit the dentist as soon as their first baby teeth appear and no later than their first birthday. This helps them to become familiar with the chair and reduces the risk of fear developing in later childhood.

As soon as their first baby teeth appear, you should either brush your child’s teeth for them or supervise their brushing, until they are around 7 or 8.

Just like adults, children should brush their teeth at least every morning and evening for two minutes. There are fun apps available that can help them brush for the recommended time.

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