Restorative Dental Crowns in Hemel Hempstead

Woman shade-matching her dental crown

A hardwearing, strong solution

If your tooth can’t be repaired with a simple filling, you might opt for a crown. Crowns, also called caps, cover the whole tooth, reinforcing it to restore full chewing function. Crowns can be made from metal (silver or gold), which is suited to your hardworking back teeth. We also offer tooth-coloured ceramic/porcelain, which is an equally hardwearing, but more aesthetic, option.

To fit your crown, we will trim down your tooth to a cylindrical shape and take an impression. The impression goes off to a laboratory where your crown is made. We then cement your new crown in place with a special adhesive.

Crowns FAQs

In previous years, metal crowns were preferred for the rear teeth, which do the hard work when you eat. However, today we have composite materials that allow us to create equally strong porcelain or ceramic crowns for all of your teeth.

The adhesive we use for crowns is extremely strong, so your crown shouldn’t fall off. However, if it does, and so long as it’s not broken, we can quickly and easily re-cement it back into place.

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